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1. Speaking in Silence

A body standing alone in space is already saying something, so what are you saying?  This workshop introduces the basic principles of authentic presence, active listening and adaptability through performing arts practices.  

2. The Art of Empathy

How does self-awareness impact the empathy and compassion we feel towards others and how do we learn to share and listen as a group?  This workshop is focuses on the beginnings of storytelling and how perception of self helps us to see inside another person’s story.

3. Whole-Person Communication

This 12-week course is embedded in neuroscientific understandings of human interaction.  It focuses on social and emotional intelligence and skills development, such as how we see, how we listen, and human connectivity.

4. Group Dynamics

Are you struggling to bring together a team? Or, dealing with toxic work environments? Group dynamics play a key role in bringing people together.  This workshop will create new opportunities for connection and develop important skills in self-awareness.

5. Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Stigmas and stereotypes are often taking place without us even knowing we are doing it.  With this workshop we will work to find where unconscious bias begins, and develop key skills in how to recognize and interact with individual narratives.

6. Art & Wellbeing

The WHO defines health as the balance between physical, mental and social wellbeing.  This workshop uses skills and practices found in the performing arts to promote self-care, and make us feel better in body, mind and spirit


Alexis' Speaking in Silence workshop changed the way I think about my physical communication, and about how I stand.  I am still thinking about these things many years later.

Ian Joseph President - Paradigm Capital

Speaking in Silence offers teachers the opportunity to become aware of how their physicality impacts their presence in the classroom. They become wide awake (to borrow a phrase from Maxine Greene) to the ways in which their bodies are communicating at cross purposes to their words and how they can bring both messages into alignment in order to effectively reach students.

Emily Caruso-Parnell Principal - Rainbow District School Board

Whole-person communication creates possibilities to exist in different ways of thinking and being.  There is something very futuristic in Alexis' approach that has the potential to create positive change on a global level.

Mary Blatherwick Professor - Faculty of Education UNB