Speaking in Silence

A body standing alone is space is already saying something, so what are you saying?

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Art is communication, and communication is the very heart of our human ability to join together to create functional societies.  In many ways the basic elements of humanity are under threat with the loss of fundamental literacies in art.  By combining the performing arts with relevant research findings in 

both communications and cognitive neuroscience a workshop like Speaking in Silence has great potential to become a system of learning that can be employed directly into training communications and human interactions in many different aspects of society. 

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Transitus Creative is an interdisciplinary company specializing in Art Communication and public engagement through the arts.  Our mission is to collaborate with individuals, businesses and organizations to connect with audiences and share in knowledge translation and exchange.   Past partnerships include: The Dalhousie University School of Nursing (The P.E.A.C.E. Project), the Association of Nova Scotia Museums (Touchstones - Canada 150), and with gender consultant Michelle Raine (It's A Girl!).  

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Alexis Milligan

Alexis Milligan is the founding director of Transitus Creative.   She is a noted actor, movement specialist, and creative collaborator.  Alexis has been a lead project partner in knowledge translation and exchange with The Dalhousie University School of Nursing, the Association of Nova Scotia Museums, and with gender consultant Michelle Raine.  She is a recurring guest teacher at NYU Tisch School for the Performing Arts and has been on the faculty of the Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart (Drama Dept. Head), and Neptune Theatre School.  She also sits on the steering committee for The Canadian Network for Imagination and Creativity and The Atlantic Centre for Creativity.  Currently, Alexis is hold a master's in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of New Brunswick, combining the performing arts, communications, education, and neuroscience.  For more information about her artistic work please visit website: alexismilligan.com

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10 Years of Experience

Noted collaborations and and partnerships with a variety of business and organizations, using the performing arts in knowledge-to-action translation and exchange.

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These workshops have been presented around the world, at a wide variety of internationally recognized conferences, festivals, and businesses

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All of these workshops are versatile and can be modified to accommodate a for a wide range of needs, experience, and ages.  They can also be presented in-person or live online.

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The Atlantic Centre for Creativity was established to support and advance research, teaching, and learning. It promotes all forms of creativity, including problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

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CNIC is a NEW National NetworkInitiated by representatives from Simon Fraser University, the University of Ottawa and the Atlantic Centre for Creativity to unleash and promote the imagination and creativity across all fields of endeavor - including the arts, sciences, business and education. 

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