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The PEACE Project
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The PEACE Project: Initiating Conversations around Palliative Care

By Alexis Milligan & Dr. Brenda Sabo

Dartmouth, NS

We don’t know what exactly is going to happen when someone literally dies. Very few of us witness that in our lifetime, in a home setting, a hospice setting or in a hospital setting. 

So we want to talk about that. Like: What is it? And what tools do you have to have so it’s as easy on you as it can be, considering the loss you’re going to experience in that process?

We have to take the fear and the dark side of it and put it into the light.  We have to breathe life into the dying process.

Where art and science meet: This 60 minute immersive performance project demystifies palliative care and opens conversations about the necessity and value of end-of-life care for individuals with advance stages of terminal illness.  

The PEACE Project is an intimate and personal piece, full of humour, and is the result of an interprovincial research collaboration (Halifax, Montreal and Toronto) led by Dr. Brenda Sabo (Dalhousie School of Nursing) along with 18 other researchers, with artistic and creative direction by Alexis Milligan.

The research phase of this project has been fully funded by the Canadian Cancer Society.