What are you saying... before you say anything?

A body standing alone in space says something; the choice to move is ours to make - but, how? When? Why?

Transitus unlocks the secret world of communication through physical intention, gesture, and the power of Speaking in Silence.

Art is an essential part of human evolution. It provides us with the metaphors by which we understand and interpret the world around us. It is essential to communication, which is the very heart of our human ability to join together and form communities.

As artists who craft narratives, we develop a deep understanding of how to move our audience. We must inspire them to listen, to think, to feel, and to question. Thus our task goes far beyond ‘entertainment,’ beyond even style or aesthetics; artists provide people and societies with a way of looking at themselves.

So how can institutions, governments, and organizations access the tools of art, and the craft of the artist, to engage with individuals and communities? And how can all of us, in turn, become artists of communication?

Transitus seeks to partner with organizations and help them access the tools of the performing artist to develop a new understanding of how we, as both individuals and as members of an interactive society, communicate.

  • Touch Stone
    A Legacy Project Celebrating Canada's 150

    In partnership with the Association of Nova Scotia Museums

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  • The PEACE Project
    Palliative Education through Art Communication and Engagement
    in partnership with Dalhousie University School of Nursing, and The Canadian Cancer Society
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  • Professional Classes
    Professional class artists looking to simply maintain craft, practice technique and develop skills.
    Drop-Ins Welcome, come when you can!
  • BASS Arts and Science Symposium
    October 15, 2016 Frankfurt/Berlin
    Co-Host, Performer and Speaker: Alexis Milligan
    What significance do thought patterns and metaphors have for our actions and our emotions? What does it actually mean to have free will and our own faculty of perception? ... more >

We endeavor to create performance experiences that resonate and stay with audiences.

With our creative approach, which we call ‘Speaking in Silence’, we build original work with a wide range of artists and creative partners.

  • How Often Do I Dream...
    Written & Performed by: Katie Dorian
    Directed by Alexis Milligan
    ON TOUR APRIL & MAY 2016!

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  • A Study in Time
    Written and Directed by: Alexis Milligan
    Performed by: Michael McPhee, Courtney Siebring
    Ann-Marie Kerr, Ben Stone
    Stage managed by: Heather Lewis

We offer a series of workshops for any age, group, or demographic.

From basics in non-verbal communication to building dynamic partnerships to body awareness, acting, dance, puppetry and performance, we can tailor any work session to the needs of your company or organization.

  • NSCAD Workshop
    Comics: Live!
    Large Group Speaking in Silence session for youth building on concepts of comic book art with live bodies in space. 

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  • Mount St. Vincent University Workshop
    2-hour introductory workshop in Speaking in Silence 4th year Political Science 
    Dean of Political Science MSVU: Jeffrey McLeod
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  • Tisch School, NYU Workshop
    Previous Workshop
    Basics in puppetry and the relationship between puppet animation and the physical body moving in space. Experimental Theatre Wing, Director: Rosemary Quinn, 1st year class.

If you, your business or organization would like to connect with Transitus for bookings of performances or workshops, please contact Alexis Milligan at 902.473.9869.